Covid-19 Changes to TVAP

                                       WE ARE OPEN!

Children with special needs: 

Saturday opening times. 0930-1130 / 1200-1400 / 1400-1630

For children with and without special needs. (Children with special needs will be given priority)


Adults with special needs: 

Friday opening times: 1000-1300 / 1300-1600


Half Term opening times: 

We will be open on the following days, operating 3 sessions per day  - 0930-1130 / 1200-1400 / 1430-1630

Tuesday 1st  - For children with and without special needs. (Children with special needs will be given priority)

Wednesday 2nd - For children with and without special needs.  (Children with special needs will be given priority)

Thursday 3rd - For children with and without special needs. (Children with special needs will be given priority)

Friday 4th  -  For adults with special needs

Saturday 5th - For children with and without special needs. (Children with special needs will be given priority)




Please use our booking enquiry app –  to make a booking request or give us a ring and leave a message.

***************No bookings will be taken on Social Media***************

You may book multiple concurrent sessions during the day.

All inside areas are now open - including our newly refurbished Soft Play area!


We look forward to seeing you all!

NOTE: Bookings are for the outside area only and are prioritizing individuals with Special Needs currently.

Parental / Carer responsibility

We expect that all visiting parents and carers will help us to provide as safe an environment as possible. This will mean taking responsibility for your family / group and encouraging frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitising gels, proper social distancing (we operate a 2 metre distance protocol), turn taking, wiping of surfaces and toilet areas after use and taking litter and all personal belongings home after your session. 

The 2 most important tools we have in keeping each other safe is hand hygiene and social distancing. We expect you to encourage these strongly at all times.

TVAP Play Staff

We will be around to chat and support you but obviously from a safe distance! Staff will be wearing PPE for supervision and will be on hand throughout your visits.

Soft Play Area

We will be monitoring and limiting the numbers of people in the Soft Play Area at any one time. This will mean that you may not be able to go in just when you want to and you may have to wait a little while. If it is busy it may mean that you won't be able to spend all of your session in the Soft Play Area.

Please be considerate and help us give everyone who wants a turn in the Soft Play Area the chance to enjoy it. 


We expect you to leave promptly at the end of your session. We have a lot of work to do to turn around for the next session so would appreciate that you bear this in mind.


Due to the increased cost of being Covid-secure and the financial chanllenges of Lockdown and the future we are asking for £10 per child (or adult with special needs) per session. (Parents and adult carers come free)

Contributions must be made over the phone at the time of booking.

Health testing

We will ask you a few questions before you come in and also test your temperature with a temple thermometer gun. If you have any symptoms please do not travel. If you or any of your household becomes ill whilst here we will ask you to leave immediately and follow government guidelines for isolation and tracking.

Face coverings


Whilst we do not require you to wear a face covering all the time whilst playing outside they are required inside. It is the law that you must wear an appropriate face covering whilst moving around inside the buildings. You may remove your mask if you would like to whilst you are seated inside the buildings but must put it straight back on when you get up.

Children and individuals with special needs are NOT required to wear face coverings.


As we require you to hand sanitise or wash your hands at multiple places throughout the Playground, gloves are not to be worn on site. 

Hand Hygiene


This is because although there will be gel stations around the site, it would be best for us and yourselves if you use your own. We encourage you to use hand sanitiser at each transition point unless you are able to wash your hands, which is far better. 


Social Distancing

VERY IMPORTANT! We have installed additional fencing and gates between the play areas to help with this. We are not insisting on only 1 household per area but we are insisting that only 1 household on each piece of equipment at a time, except pool and bike areas. Staff will be maintaining the 2 metre distance around the site. We ask that you move freely around the site and encourage your children to be aware of others and practice their safe distancing.


You will be allocated a toilet for your family to use whilst you are here, this may be shared with a limited number of other families. It will be locked and you will be given the code when you arrive.

There will be anti-viral spray and blue roll in the toilets for you to wipe down the toilets between uses. The changing areas will be open access, again with available cleaning products. Only use this if really needed. 

Adult / Child Sessions

Initially the session will be determined by the age of the first special needs person coming as part of the booking. We will try to steer adults bookings towards Fridays but at the moment, until we know what demand will be, we can be a little flexible – TEMPORARILLY.

 Sensory Room

The inside areas apart from the Sensory Room are closed during Lockdown. The Sensory Room is open at £10 per 30 minute session which are booked in advance. Please ask if you have not booked but wish to use the Sensory Room on your visit and we will see if there is availability. After each session the Sensory Room is deep cleaned. 

Drinking water and snacks


You are welcome to bring snacks, there are picnic tables for you to use. Please take everything home with you. There will be no bins outside.

First Aid / Incidents

There is a first aid kit available by the front door. You are responsible for your own first aid but we will support you (using appropriate PPE) as much as we can.

Art and craft activities

Our craft area is now open again and we have a range of activities for you to choose from. Please speak with a member of the TVAP Team if you would like to do some art and craft. 

Splash Pool

The Splash Pool area and water cannons will be on for your use. We are not insisting on only one household in the pool area at a time but we are insisting on social distancing of 2 meters. Parents and carers are responsible for maintaining the 2 meter distancing. You will need to use the outside changing cubicles only please, not the toilets to get changed.

You will need to bring all equipment, towels etc with you.

Games equipment

Various pieces of equipment are available for you at reception (e.g. footballs, golf clubs, buckets & spades etc). These items will be cleaned and replaced after each session. When used please return to Reception, and do not share outside of your household. There will be a limited number of trikes and go-carts out, which will be rotated around the sessions.


We have lots of toys in the cupboards for use by individual families. All toys are cleaned between uses. Please ask a member of the TVAP Team if you would like to explore the toy cupboards! 


If we are notified of a cancellation with two full working days notice of the booking date, a voucher for a visit within three months of the orginal booking date will be offered. 


You will be asked to show your face coverings and hand sanitisers on entry

HELPFUL FILM - PLEASE click on the 'CC' button on the bottom righthand corner of the film to see important subtitles

Below is a quick film is to show what it is like to enter TVAP with the new Covid-19 restrictions in place. It shows you what you will need to bring, what you need to do and the process from the gate to free play! We hope it helps prepare everyone for the differences we have had to put in place :-)

Below that are films about the restrictions outside and in our indoor spaces.

See you soon!